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Consulting services for:

Business Analysis for Software Solutions Design.

  • In-depth interrogation of existing issues to extract and document the actual issues that need a solution.
  • In-depth interview process to determine new needs.
  • The discovery process consists not only of what the issues are perceived to be, but also the motivation behind desired solutions. It is just as important to ask why as it is to ask what.

Design and construct properly normalized Database Schema Design to support future extensibility.

  • Extensible solutions that accommodate growth easily should be built around a properly designed and normalized database schema.
  • In a software solution the code should accommodate the database; the database should not be designed to accommodate the code.
  • OLTP (On-line Transactional Processing) database schemas should be optimized for frequent transactions (every second, minute, hour, etc…).
  • OLAP (On-line Analytical Processing) database schemas should be optimized for data mining and decision making.
  • While a normalized database schema can support both OLTP and OLAP, a dimensional database schema is better for the data mining you would expect from a data warehouse needed for a large solution.

Manage Solution Project to meet expectations.

  • Documentation of each aspect of a software solution lifecycle is captured.
  • The clarification of all known and discovered issues should be documented in the Discovery process.
  • The agreed upon Solution should be documented and given to all stakeholders for review.
  • The Technical aspects of the solution should be documented so that it is clearly understandable by the development team.
  • Change management should be documented, managed, and shared with all stakeholders.
  • Risks should be documented, with possible contingencies.
  • Timelines should be documented and agreed upon, and addressed with all stakeholders if changes impact the timeline.